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Jocelyn Green

Hi, I'm Jocelyn Green

Founder of Wildflower Parenting


This is my Story


In 2016, I was running around meeting everyone else's needs except my own! Exhausted - Every. Single. Day.

I'd end up frustrated & resentful, which led me to losing my cool with my toddler - instant regret & guilt.

I'd promise myself things would be different tomorrow... Only to find myself stuck in the Same. Old. Pattern...

I still remember how dam stressful parenting felt.

I felt like I was failing my kids.

Obviously, something had to change. And thankfully, through gentle/respectful/peaceful parenting, I discovered that the change began with me - not my child's behaviour.

So I had to figure out how to take care of my own needs, manage my emotions more effectively, connect with my kids in deeper ways & build cooperation - FAST!

AND after a lot of research study & trial and error, I found an easier way, and now I want to share it with YOU inside my online workshops, courses and private coaching and through my membership program.

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We're thrilled to introduce our game-changing program—Peaceful Parenting in 90 Days. This is not just a program; it's a revolution in parenting designed to rewrite your story. Imagine a home free from guilt and yelling, where harmony reigns, connections deepen, and confidence in your parenting journey soars.


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