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Are you ready to feel calm, confident and equipped to handle your toddler's tantrums like a pro? 


The secret to a more harmonious home is knowing exactly how to diffuse tantrums so that you can spend more time enjoying your toddler and less time fighting with them. 


You see, dealing with toddler tantrums is so much more than just managing disruptive behavior; it's about understanding the underlying triggers, communicating effectively, and fostering a supportive environment for your child's emotional development. 


When you know how to handle your toddlers tantrums effectively, you will not only diffuse them in the moment but prevent them from happening in the first place, bringing more peace to your day-to-day life. 


Now you may be thinking, “This sounds amazing but right now everything is a fight: mealtime, bathtime, bedtime, pottytime, the whole shabang.” 😵‍💫


✔️You wish someone would just tell you what to say and how to say it.

✔️You are tired of resorting to yelling, counting to three and feeling like you’re doing it all wrong.

✔️You already know that old-school discipline is not for you, in leaves you feeling sick in the stomach and guilt for days. 

✔️You already know that you want to parent in a way that not only works but feels good too. 


When you know exactly what to say and do during a toddler tantrum, you share your calm rather than joining their chaos, and you walk away from the tantrum feeling good about yourself and your parenting. 


The added bonus? Your child walks away from the interaction with their self-esteem intact, preventing future misbehaviour. 

5 weeks from now, your household could be totally transformed: 

💗You’ve stepped into the calm, confident leader vibes 

💗Your toddler feels safe and secure in your approach 

💗Tantrums are almost gone  

💗 More joy, peace and play are present in your day-to-day 


The roadmap to get you there? 


Equip yourself with practical tools and strategies to understand, manage, and prevent tantrums, ultimately leading to a more peaceful and harmonious home 

If this is a hell yes, you’re in the right place!


Have a glimpse of what awaits you…..


Understand your toddlers behaviour; understand the underlying causes of tantrums and learn techniques that address these root issues rather than just temporarily soothing the symptoms.


Navigate tantrums; practical and proven techniques to handle tantrums when they occur. This includes knowing how to de-escalate the situation, manage your own emotions, and help your child calm down.


Know exactly what to say and do after a tantrum to cultivate a harmonious and loving relationship with your child, where future tantrums are minimized, communication is open, and you both feel connected. 

What’s included?

✔️5 modules to master the art of navigating toddler tantrums 

✔️Immediate access to modules and scripts to get you implementing right away 

✔️ Lifetime Access to the Recordings: Enjoy the convenience of revisiting and reinforcing what you've learned


Plus, these incredible bonuses:

  • BONUS #1 Emotion Cards for Kids
  • BONUS #2 Tantrum Trigger Kit
  • BONUS #3 Self-Regulation Ideas for Kids.
  • BONUS #4 Mantras For Toddler Tantrums 



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What People Are Saying:

Being totally disconnected from my kids and not knowing how to deal with my eldest tantrums and big emotions, I reached "Jocelyn for help. In a month, I managed to shift my mindset around parenting and how to deal with my kids' challenging behaviours. Tantrums are almost gone and more happiness, joy and play is present in our day-to-day life."


"I was struggling with my toddler's big emotions and feeling like I was failing daily. I now feel empowered opposed to overwhelm when it come to tantrums, meltdowns and setting boundaries"


Jocelyn has helped our family immensely. We have a 2.5 year old son and recently welcomed our baby daughter so there have been some BIG feelings and BIG emotions in our house. It has provided us with insight as to why our son behaves and challenges us in certain ways. My husband and I now feel more confident in our parenting skills and approach when dealing with our sons BIG emotions.


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